2011 Taobao customers make money three ideas

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seems to have become history in 2010, but we have to continue to make money owners. Although Taobao guest more poorly recorded in December, has been to denounce the sound can be heard without end but we should not be, the Internet hype and false interference and clamor to hesitate, I just want to say for the Taobao alliance is not the best off the advertising world, only the best promotion, not only change is advertising, and our webmaster promotion, I do not think that only three ways to present guest promotion can still have a place to live in in 2011.

first: single page + potential keywords

is a single page seems to be the most successful way of Amoy promotion last year, because he is so successful so it will be more competitive. Do a single page Taobao guest is the most important choice products, choose the right product is equivalent to half the success. Here said the potential keywords not our common slimming whitening, rather we need to pick goods from billion on Taobao ocean goods is high but the competition commission smaller products will be easier to make money fast, if you can not find such a product, I suggest that every day you go home or the taobao.com the portal took a few minutes to watch ads, after seeing the ad search related products on Taobao customers. In the network world and the real world money making ideas are the same is communicated can be transformed, the reality of the profits selling products in the network the same profits selling, if every day to study advertising you will find a lot of good products without promotion.

second: station group + pianxianghushanxing

No matter what the recent

"left" cyclone "carnitine door" how strong, only one thing, whether black or white, catch mice is a good cat, is a good way to make money, don’t look at stations with angry people. In the rapid development of the Internet era, the rapid replication of money is not our personal control, from the blog to SNS to micro-blog, each of which is from the group purchase, reshuffle short-term profit to market integration, each with long-term profitability, so the station group has the advantage and development trend to continue let’s jump to Taobao customers with legs. This new year stations will not disappear may be more mature, more in line with the SEO, using the method of standing group of Taobao passenger is knowing that mountain tiger, undeterred dedication and try, not a promotion method is first recognized.

third: local forum + user marketing

I think this method is the most formal and most durable Taobao guest promotion. Suppose you have a very high popularity of the local forum, I want to put on a few guest promotion channels or promotional pages will bring a very high turnover rate. Because the flow of local forums are strong purchasing power of high quality, and the rate of return or user trust are very high, of course, this also requires a reasonable guide. In a word, if you don’t like or are not good at dealing with Taobao products or search engines,

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