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Taobao is currently the most popular form of domestic advertising, it is somewhat similar to the mode of foreign CJ alliance, while Taobao is also a new way for us to quickly contact and make use of the network to make money. The contact Taobao has been half a year, the first is just some advertising start on your own, the first few days every day to see Ali mother account whether there is the success of the promotion of products, the results for one week no reaction no matter, also lost to Taobao customer enthusiasm a month later, an account accidentally found her account was 50 yuan more than the Commission was pleased bad, after all, is the first Taobao off his own income, although less but stay motivated to do Taobao customers. Today, golden Wangzhuan will do some Taobao customer experience to share, I hope to help you.

first, want to make big money to be willing to invest

is the so-called small property out of money, a lot of friends to do is to use Taobao off some free space, free domain name, this is done to save a lot of cost, but here the golden Wangzhuan to tell you, if you want to earn more money to spend some money please you must register a domain name, buy a stable space, space and cost of the domain name now do more than hundreds of yuan, and even a several hundred yuan investment necessary to save the people may not make what Wangzhuan, investment saving is the biggest waste. Look at the Taobao billboard ranking off a week, basically each of the above Taobao customers have their own site.

second, Taobao first guest Wangzhuan thorough understanding of Taobao

Many novice

is to see others say Taobao can do the guest how to make the number of days was very excited, I want to also do not want to do, even a lot of Taobao customer knowledge do not understand, encountered the problem to ask a person, this kind of common problems others see that you are a newbie. No one would like to be a novice don’t know a waste of time, so in your mind after you read the Ali Mama community about Taobao customer experience and share, so all the provisions of all Taobao customers, only fully understand the success.

third, continue to learn from previous experience

if you want to ask, what do Taobao guest Wangzhuan shortcut? The answer is no! No matter what industry people just want to take a shortcut to success is hard, real shortcut is in the hands of master hands, even if you know the shortcut to the Taobao customer then it is no longer a shortcut. If you ask how to quickly make money by Taobao customers the answer is to learn from the experience of others. In the network, there are a lot of successful cases of Taobao, and some even occur in your side but you never noticed, not you did not notice that you do not have this habit, the habit of analysis. Whether you have noticed the others over time in the mass content of want? Whether the in-depth understanding of some Taobao? Master is by doing guest group, and we see only despise what novice group, the result is that people continue to muffled money, you continue to complain about no one to teach you to do.


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