Grassroots film stations do not do Google advertising alliance reasons

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1, GG audit of the site is relatively strict. The film’s website is often difficult to pass because of copyright issues,

2, GG ads click relatively low. (because GG ads usually don’t have much of a seductive ad text)

3, GG advertising is an effective Click to be audited, and relatively strict audit. (if your invalid clicks are too much to be K)

here we talk about the domestic advertising alliance (we’ll use qirun network advertisement for example)

Qi run Internet advertising pop, pop it in the 40 yuan / thousand IP, if a station has 3000IP you. Every pop should be in about 3000 times, which is about 12 yuan in advertising revenue. Click on the ads we count 8 yuan a day income of about $20.

but GG a 3000IP station every day Click may be around 150, the domestic advertising price is very low in an average of about 2 cents, then one day at about $3, a day down or around $20.

but GG is most worried about is the day you gave K. The daily live flesh, as do the domestic advertising a good conscience.

for the first time to talk about the feelings I do stand, not good, we do not joke.

starting Admin5, if necessary, please do not specify the author and source.

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