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My name is Yang Wenjian

, a rural child is very common, because of their hard out of the mountains, to the Shanxi city in Taiyuan Province, an ordinary school like me. Go on the road network, I think it is because of influence of sleep in my bunk brother Nangong’s ranma. Remember the first time to go to the Internet cafe scene, it is my freshman just to school soon, usually nothing to our dormitory four people go to the Internet cafe. I will not and Henan’s Internet, only to see the boy in Shanxi and Hubei Nangong Internet watched Ranma, boring on the back. I do not know how to engage in the Internet, but also like the internet. I am now QQ251022543 or Henan boy, the authority of our hostel to me.

because the economic situation at home is not good, my biggest idea at school is to be able to spend their parents money to support themselves. I am learning automation, in the school to learn computer knowledge only programming languages such as C++, VB, etc.. Through the Internet I found that the programmer’s salary is good, then my own position is a monthly salary of 5000, so at that time my idea is to learn VC++ to do a good programmer. Under this decision, I put the programming books in the library have seen, can be said that each of the library related programming book I have my fingerprints, I must have seen the program design in more than 500 pages of the book pages. Because I have some time to understand, I found that there is no readable thin, only a thick book to make me feel able to learn knowledge.

I am not a computer, but I have read the programming language of the book, such as C, C++, JAVA, VC, CB, VB, assembly, etc.. My classmates often see me holding a thick computer related books, I feel very cow, I also feel very cattle. In fact, the book has a lot of things I cannot read, but feel a bit strange looking at the computer by a thick book, the heart is very sufficient, feel a little bit of progress, and soon will be able to earn their way to economic freedom.

now I know that I could not have done it, because I didn’t have a good teacher. They also do not have a direction, today people say VB is the best use of the development tools to go to school, the day after tomorrow to see people say VB is a fundamental development toys not good software, VC is the real programmers choice. The day after tomorrow, some people say that people who do not assemble language is not a programmer, the results I went to the compilation of the. If there had been a wise man who would have been there for me, and I would have believed in him, I would have learned a language with all my heart, and I would have been able to apply my knowledge to practice. Maybe I’m a successful programmer today.

this is also a lot of novice should pay attention to the point of learning a new knowledge, must be an in-depth, long-term influence". Do not go too much to see the evaluation of others, because there is no judge of the new standards, it is likely to lose their own direction in the other people’s war of words. < >

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