3 people do not spend money to get the 6 million user KeepSafe is how to do

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believes that there are a lot of people (including myself) have encountered such embarrassing: friends said look at your mobile phone, the mobile phone has not been allowed through the album, then you will always be a little nervous or embarrassed, because of who the mobile phone not so one or two because all kinds of reasons need to have privacy photos so? And I myself have tried to find the application can solve this awkward, but in a trial it was very difficult for after they give up. But some time ago there was a chance in San Francisco met the founder of KeepSafe, they learned that in a year’s time to harvest the 6 million users, and spend a penny on marketing promotion from no, I can’t wait to download the app and founder met alone chatted about the story behind KeepSafe.

3 months stocking out of 1 million 500 thousand users

because I went to the meeting place in advance, see the company’s three generals are street skateboarding, the carefree and content kind of envy. Philipp Berner is in Bavaria, with a head and shoulder blond hair, he is the co-founder and CTO of KeepSafe, a slightly introverted but quite confident of their own things engineers. He met with another co-founder and CEO Zouhair Belkoura 1 and a half years ago, that is, before the KeepSafe was created. Philipp said that when Zouhair is a company’s product manager, used to work on the whiteboard to discuss the contents of the phone to shoot down. A Saturday night two people together to drink beer, Zouhair picked up the mobile phone over photos to Philipp to work, who accidentally slipped, pulls out in front of Philipp work outside private photos. Two people laugh at the same time to resolve the embarrassment, but also let Zouhair have to do a software to avoid the idea of similar embarrassment again. He was a person first action, in August last year to do a preliminary KeepSafe out and put in the Android app store stocking". I did not expect less than 3 months, 1 million 500 thousand of users like spring grass like their long out! Zouhair quickly realized the potential of the products, in January of this year officially launched KeepSafe software company, and got the Asset Mnagement and Kii Capital70 million dollars in investment. Philipp and another responsible for iOS Application Development Engineer Scott subsequently joined the team. So far, they are still only 3 people, working for the user of 6 million.

270 thousand people gave the praise of the 5 stars, accident or inevitable?

if you use the "photo hidden applications" and other similar keywords in Google search, you can find the second row is the pea pod >

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