The nternet’s largest black hole secret Daolian Thunder download mode

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I am a software download site manager, has long been engaged in the management of the site. The site has been relatively low, but the download traffic is very large, this problem has plagued us for a long time. All know that this is caused by the post, but has been unable to find the source of post. We hate to steal, always pay attention to outside websites have not post our website to download software, but did not find what. Until one day, I heard thunder download speed is very fast, out of curiosity on a trial, as expected, Download quickly. And then use the network interception tool to view exactly why so fast thunder, see transmission content, found that the thunder can simultaneously in multiple server to download the same software, just began to admire the thunder of creative developers, but think carefully, it is not illegal to steal? This is a very serious problem.

here to explain my research that thunderbolt download mode. When downloading a software, the thunder will send this link to the thunder server above, find the link to the Internet and other links, including HTTP and FTP server and other personal. However, the speed of the individual pair is usually very low, so the main source of bandwidth comes from other HTTP and FTP servers on the internet. The collection of these information is downloaded by the user to download Thunder, and then get the only check code for each download link file, upload to the thunder server to do the finishing. So thunder server will get the same link of the Internet, a huge table for download when the download. Because the check code is used, so even if the file name to download the same can not be judged to be the same file. This also explains why the thunder on some of the failure of the link can also, because he can download to other servers.

out of the question, the other to let the thunder of the servers, is not allowed after web server. These HTTP and FTP servers are belong to their own web site to download, these sites are the need for popularity and access. Thunder download, as long as the user to a web site to download, thunder server can provide the same file several other 10 download link, the user can download thunderbolt post several other 10 other sites! At the same time, each site with 5 – 10 threads to pull, the speed can not reach the highest? But these stolen sites, in addition to the contribution of the bandwidth has not been visited and popular. In other words, as long as the thunder download once, there will be 10 sites stolen even. Thunder online hundreds of thousands of people, under the command of thunder thunder server, to become a large post system huge systems, have become a victim of the thunder of any website. Such a large post action, can not let people feel shocking? It is no wonder that the software is getting worse and worse, and the server bandwidth cost is more and more expensive. Most of the bandwidth to the thunder, and really is less than one of their own traffic. TOM and 163 sites actually encourage users to use thunder download. Starting with a thunderbolt download effect is good, because the other post website, download is fast. >

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