Hubei cracked a large network of pornographic fraud involving 120 million yuan

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Jingchu net news (Chu Tianjin) reporter Shen of reports: reporters learned yesterday, the Ezhou police net after 3 months of careful investigation, cracked the governor of 3· 17 large network pornography fraud. The amount of 120 million yuan, 11 people were arrested, victims of Internet users throughout the country 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

in-depth investigation, "UU alliance" and 3 alliance SMS fraud Gang downline members, the establishment of a large number of false pornographic website (affiliate website), released passion pictures and seductive text information, to Internet users through the mobile phone, PHS and fixed phone registration, watch the Union website called more exciting content. Registered users are forced to receive SMS monthly fee ranging from 30 yuan to 15 per month, exciting content but could not see the website advertising called "".

survey, Internet users registration fee divided by the Internet information service providers, service providers, SMS alliance website and membership site in accordance with the agreed proportion. Beijing UU alliance from 2004 to the incident, a total profit of more than 400 yuan; Guangdong white horse alliance since 2005 to profit more than 1000 yuan of the incident; Shanghai YY alliance since the incident to profit in 2005 more than $10000.

It is reported that

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