App craze who’s the opportunity llustrated nine APP business models

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APP era has come to an estimated market size of $15 billion this year, everyone is looking at how such a huge opportunity to share a new business.

well, if you think that APP’s focus is on technical skills, you’re wrong. Like any other business, it is important to think about what is the right business model, and to maximize the business value of creativity and technology. In the "App boom, who had the opportunity? – Inside September" theme first, with a focus on Lawrence "new business models and Technology entrepreneurial opportunities" in the article is on.

maybe someone will ask, "App’s business model is not ‘charging’ or ‘free but with advertising’ these two," of course, not only so simple. May borrow the old fathers Chinese saying "Tai Chi astrotech, astrotech students four images, four images and gossip, gossip and can turn into eighty-eight hexagrams". So it is free or charge, in fact, there are a variety of derivative combinations. These different combinations and changes, it is entrepreneurs and developers to profit from the way.

App a lot of discussion because of common economic articles mostly in the discussion is the comparison of Apple iOS vs Google Android ecosystem, or according to some successful cases in-depth analysis of the vertical type, but less widely for the APP business model of entrepreneurs or developers to think about their own resources and advantages to develop strategies. Therefore, in the "Inside planning App boom, whose chance? – Inside September" theme, the author especially help you sort out some can play in the economy in the APP business model, the hope can help friends who are interested in this as a starting reference.

but also to explain is that the business model of the APP economy is not limited to the following arrangements, because different business models can also be combined, split, reverse… So, like kung fu, although the basic moves are very important, but how to use is the key to success.

the following business model diagram of the performance of the reference is from the Japanese Edutainment Lab Mr. Sakahashi Go’s book "popular goods is so created"


basic element

to understand the business model, in a graphical way can be clear at a glance. While drawing the diagram, we need to define the elements of the business model. It will include the enterprise, the individual, the payment of money, the provision of products or services, time, etc.. The use of these basic elements can be combined to change a variety of business models.

next, we have to introduce a variety of business models can be developed in the App economy. In the following diagram, labeled green

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