How to make a profitable Landing page page

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Whether it is

or CJ, CB, and other Union, it is rather important to be a good Landing page page, because is brought to you direct economic benefits, but how can we do the Landing page page? Learn some foreign websites, and the experience of some network friends after writing the summary methods:

1 page design: simple and magnetic

is a simple web design is very clear, so that visitors will know what you are talking about; magnetic is able to attract visitors through the page, so that visitors are willing to pay for your introduction.

2 Product mining: Why buy your product or service?

Whether it is to do the

Sale, or Lend, first you have to analyze, why do people choose your things, or do you change an angle to see themselves as visitors, they will not see this.

3 product quality: quality is the vitality of your continuous development!

this question I always say, if you sell the product quality is not good enough, it is time for a refund, as in reality, what you sell good quality service, customer service is very troublesome, also many complaints, the impact is not good.

4 web content: Landscaping and not too exaggerated

landscaping is mainly in two aspects: the first is the page layout, to give visitors feel very formal; followed by the contents of landscaping, especially to express the benefits of the product, the best is like my article, a statement, this is very important, but be careful not to hype, others see it’s not good on the offensive.

5 example: there is no better example than the effect of

we can easily find a foreign marketing website at almost every station will list is a great article on the article, customers are writing experience sharing or thanks to what, in fact if there are things we can not research, but consumers have from the heart, so these examples can give potential customers a good example.

6 after-sales service: the most typical is the refund guarantee

is a good marketing webmaster, will constantly update their products or services, that is to win more market should improve their level of service to customer service, customer service is the best service refund guarantee, website foreign normal will see 30 day dissatisfied refund, in fact they are to do so.

7 self competition: only competition can make better money

yes, compete with yourself. For the same product, we can do a lot of different Landing page page, for each page we can use different keywords, for each page we do different tracking, and then eliminate

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