The application of exchange CEO Luo Chuan readme business is to manage primary afflictions

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Luo Chuan has long been out of the spotlight, application exchange co-founder Yuan Cong to stir up the beam in the last year, made a lot of adjustments in the game transport, search and product recommendation mechanism, this past year, what Luo kawahi to


this morning, Luo Chuan in the application of the official website released a summary of 2013, the home of the difficulties, the company’s challenges, like the mountains. How can not sleep at night." He said in the text.

joined in January 2011 from innovation works since the exchange has gone through three years, the same as the distribution platform 91 near to the wealthy, he became the 360 big Tencent, the application of treasure rise directly to a high position at home and at work, Alexander Luo Chuan from the three book to find out, a book about Buddhism, two speaking of autism.

"these three books make me have a different view of the work and life: the miracle is to get from the ordinary persistence, it takes time, patience, perhaps the end of life." Luo legend, think about doing products and operations, does require a little self concentration, no matter how the film critics say, need their own hearts sink down, stick to it."

last year, the application will be sent to the operation of the Yuan Cong, the product to the Xu Feng, he spent more time to educate their children and their families, as well as the experience of mobile Internet products and their products.

Luo said, that is business management, management companies, more important is their own management, management of primary afflictions.

introduced in the paper, the application of the sales results in 2013 than the most aggressive version of the year to develop even better, cash flow has been positive, product publishing has entered a virtuous cycle.

2014, the first task is assigned to their Luochuan writing from the media, "in a Dharma through self media era, that good products can sell the idea is too conservative." Luo Chuan said.

the following is the full text of the Chuan Chuan 2013:

has a period of special depression, family difficulties, the challenges of the company, the same pressure on the mountain. How can can’t sleep at night, staring into the morning, taking only a finger distance distance. Can not sleep there is a benefit, read a lot of books, but really can not read too much. At this age, the general inspirational stories and ordinary chicken soup has no sense. Impressed by the three, "see", "my heart to see the world" and "a thorn in my pocket".

"see" is a book about buddhism. I like this book because it is as simple as iPhone. All color, empty, empty, I have heard that aside, said four dabaihua: everything is changing (impermanence); all experiences are suffering (leaky jieku), one person in the history of the universe and the inside and see nothing (the method without me, nor practice) be able to shore, but can be a little wisdom (Nirvana silence), this.

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