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today free Wangzhuan chose this commonplace topic, because after this period of time free Wangzhuan recently this time with experience and understanding of some new ideas about Wangzhuan, two is many novice make friends feel very confused, think you can give them some advice.

Wangzhuan, after all is a kind of network advertising, its purpose is to promote the main advertising promotional stuff. Either a product or a service. So if you want to do Wangzhuan, there must be a strong generalization ability, such as having a high popularity of the website, through good traffic to achieve the purpose of promotion. So, Wangzhuan is the need to establish the flow based on the flow, only the foundation do wangzhuan. So for going to do Wangzhuan friends, the first way is to create a traffic site. With a flow of the site, whether you are to promote a project, or sell advertising, or sell their products, can be.

If there is no

website, nor the construction site, but still want to do Wangzhuan, how to do? I suggest that friends can learn some Wangzhuan skills, learn such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other software, such as mastering trademark design or programming skills, then each Witkey website to bid or direct orders to do so. These can be counted as Wangzhuan range.

wants to get better returns by Wangzhuan, you need to provide a valuable service, whether it is to promote the valuable or valuable skills, the premise is valuable. Now many friends do Wangzhuan very tired, for example, to send some advertising about each forum or send some false advertising messages such as. The effect is generally not good, after all, we can identify such false things. What day to earn a few hundred, sounds very attractive, look carefully you will find the advertisement mentioned things there is no substantive value, a value of a product or service is unlikely to have substantial income.

finally summarize, valuable is the want to share the promotion or service is an important condition to do wangzhuan. I hope some above can have some inspiration and help to Wangzhuan new.

free Wangzhuan ( and you may love Wangzhuan friends to exchange learning!


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