The 22 year old college fanatics my ATM network is threatening a year 1 million

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has a good saying: the Internet has never been a myth. With the support of those who have different summon wind and call for rain strength and in the capital market under the Internet bigwigs, this usually is not ordinary students, avoid sunlight, muffled coining in the corner of the Internet in a dark and damp. I never dared to try what he did,

I and he is a fellow of the University, his name is what I do not say, and we are from the Ordos University of Inner Mongolia University, such as you think, the university you can think of how broken more broken. The freshman, he posted a small ad from the campus to spend 800 dollars to buy a second-hand computer, I remember the day he said to me: This is the money making machine.


on the network to do though is not on the table, but there is no denying that he has a save about 600000 Jianxinglongqia now, I’ve seen, and I have no. I know what he has done recently, I write to share with you.

from the beginning he built a "Pentium Pacific International Communication Group Limited" on the web site, the web site is to sell ninety percent off mobile Mobile Recharge Card ", HTML is the simple static pages, the space is foreign free space, a little bit of money cost is to buy the domain name of course, he did not the prepaid card, I admire him this can deceive others but also to deceive their own courage to boast without shame, he is in our daily life is not only the fradulent villain and on the contrary, he is very helpful in my suggestion, he gave us the poor college students Landry grant 2 times 1000 yuan, through the Gongban convey. He is very diligent or very professional, so a small broken hard for him to promote the site is said to flow, the number of times I saw him to accept the customer’s QQ consulting in the dormitory, he has the innate quality of business, I saw his QQ chat is very exquisite, always patiently the saying "dear customer, our company has a requirement is only for your own family and friends can not use two sell" etc..

I see he has a lot of time riding a bike back from the bank teller, I feel shy directly consult how much money coming in, but once I saw a QQ in his big even disposable sinks to 30 thousand, is to do the kind of the most preferential. I saw him all dressed up to a new look.

get a few orders after he immediately turn off the original site and start a make only superficial changes. This is what he is different from ordinary people, ordinary people earn little money a little dizzy is not professional, but he is very determined, the hand on hand, without hesitation.

later, he was afraid of something big to stop the business. At that time he invited me to the New Century Hotel to eat a meal, I still remember. Then I found out that he quietly engaged in a money making Union, a bit like the feeling of network marketing, the program he spent a lot of money, he told me

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