Zhang Zhaoyang Actually am very introverted

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When the concept of China network shares embarrassing when the Nasdaq market in the United States, the Sohu is undoubtedly the focus of most attention, because since the NASDAQ plummeted, the share price of the Sohu also followed the crash, even less than the same slump and a little lower Sina NetEase. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang naturally is the focus of all CEO, Zhang has been the focus.

misreading, can only lead to untrue.


if Zhang Zhaoyang is one of the earliest and most famous Chinese CEO, believe that will not hear too many objections. From 1997 to start, most of the time, Zhang Zhaoyang has always been the focus of professional and public media, the beginning is the idol star — no doubt, digital hero at the beginning of China seems to describe Zhang Zhaoyang’s later, with the development of Chinese Internet market, there have been accusations that Zhang Zhaoyang did the word "show". Chinese, in the dictionary, at least for now, is a little bit derogatory.

reporter: a bit derogatory in Chinese show meaning.

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