How to build a successful B2B company

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editor’s note: the author of Rome, · (Roman Stanek); Titanic is the founder of GoodData and CEO, GoodData company to provide business intelligence software and a series of business reporting tools, to help enterprises through big data profitability. Prior to this, he also founded and Systinet, the former sold to Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by HP. This article is the author’s entrepreneurial experience sharing.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, used to taking risks. However, the company I founded, there has never been a very attractive new concepts, but also did not bring me great wealth. I founded a number of business to business (B2B) software company, these companies are basically relatively stable, the revenue situation is quite impressive.

is a very interesting thing to be a boss of B2B company now. With the acceleration of the consumer trend of the Internet, SaaS and cloud B2B field startups look more like a consumer company, because these companies are customer centric. In addition, their results are exciting, for the field leader, they have earned a lot of money. Therefore, investors began to flock to the field of B2B, who was thought to be able to stir IT market startups, IPO price is more and more high, and some are attracted huge acquisitions, such as Yammer, Microsoft recently with more than $1 billion acquisition of it, there is Workday, Workday currently has a market value of $8 billion.

, however, while B2B and consumer companies have similarities, B2B startups have to face some of the challenges faced by consumer centric companies do not need to face. These challenges include:

1 because B2B is a business oriented user, so the product security, scalability and performance requirements are relatively high.

2 engineers and sales staff recruitment and retention costs are also higher than non B2B companies.

3 persuade customers to use their products or services, so that they believe that our products can enable them to gain a competitive advantage, but also can save costs.

4 allows customers to believe that your startup will always be there, because enterprise users want to get sustained support.

Here I would like to give you

entrepreneurs to provide three basic skills in the face of these challenges, this is my lessons summed up my occupation career in the lesson, I hope to help you, let you avoid detours.

find excellent engineer

started a B2B company, before acquiring customers and substantial revenue, >

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