Mom freeze the income of stationmaster is not sincerely convinced

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recently have a lot of friends called the Ali Mama K station or even freeze income, which is frozen income, there are dozens of hundreds of thousands of online, for Ali mother condemning is oneby one, do not say first names after no use, at least from the sound can be scolded see the station were long K station frozen income after the helpless, in fact, we are the owners of these requirements is very simple, or hope to retrieve those without frozen income, or is expected to "why is frozen" this problem and get a reasonable explanation.

said "no reason why frozen"? I believe this webmaster friends all know, is Ali mother freeze income is indeed of course if you cheat It is without rhyme or reason., that is another story, if not cheating has frozen income, the only official reason is you "abnormal data".


said "I hope a reasonable explanation"? Obviously "abnormal data" these four words too seriously, what data exception? What is abnormal? Ask the official customer service, they are given the answer is: "for specific exceptions, in order to protect the interests of advertisers not convenient announced" or "click on the specific abnormal data due to site verification technology, not easy to be announced". See these two words, as a webmaster, do you think this explanation is reasonable?. Repeatedly asked the official customer service inquiry, the answer is at most "your situation just submitted to the special technical staff to verify, verify that indeed abnormal income", so to say, is still unable to convince the webmaster friends……

and Ali mother stationmaster income will freeze the whole month freeze, for example: if your account is in a month from 25 to 30 days of data during the emergence of the so-called "abnormal", then your normal income before 1 days to 24 days, even if there is a more than 10 thousand, had been freeze will not pay, this approach is not too


come to talk about the Ali Mama "closed", is Ali mother station closed friends, in the background can be put forward. The application, but I think this is purely about it, even for a few days will still receive the same reply, that is "abnormal data, can not be reopened, even if your site be lifted, before being frozen" abnormal income "will not return, so what is the" closed "two word meaning? Do advertising re opened after waiting to be frozen? I think this idea is too advanced. After all, our society is" distribution according to work "ah……

as a webmaster, the choice of advertising generally first consider its reputation, believe that Ali mother’s friends had chosen the mom is absolutely trust it, but mom these behavior is less convincing, even questioned its credibility.

see this article of the webmaster friends, have been blocked by the freezing of income, there is no seal, no matter how we all as a webmaster, which is directly involved

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