He is not selling gold he stood on the shoulders of giants to do business

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30s San Francisco gold rush, a large number of people flocked to the gold rush. When a man found gold spot the lack of clean drinking water, so he decided to give up the gold rush to sell the water. Over the past few years, most prospectors are disappointed, he only drinks with. This easy to understand story tells us that the rich do not have to go to the gold, for the gold miners to provide services can also create huge wealth.

the passage of time, however the modern version of the story is selling a true place in Witkey industry. 2006 started the Witkey website nine days ronin, soon discovered the Witkey industry competition is too fierce, he couldn’t go with this task China competition industry leader, so he chose another strange scenes for Witkey website service, the start of the marketing business partners.

The reporter then contacted the

nine days ronin, he is the founder of Witkey sky. Nine days with his rich ronin to provide services for Chinese cyber source task Witkey website, that is to say he recommended to the Witkey website member name registration, certification, issued the task, every month can get revenue 1000 to 3000 yuan.

change the thinking of doing business for nine days, "he is not selling his gold Ranger"

reporter: how much do you earn in an average of 1 months as a marketing partner?

nine days ronin: every month can earn 1000 to 3000 yuan, income mainly from several major tasks Chinese Witkey website.

reporter: what is the main source of profit for you,


nine days: ronin is mainly recommended release Witkey task; of course there are real name registration, the proportion is about 10%; other members such as the recommended bid income, there are some cooperation and for Witkey website outstanding performance awards.

reporter: which marketing methods did you take?

nine days: ronin is mainly rely on the website linked to advertising, the other is QQ group, Post Bar, Forum promotion and so on; offline promotion also needs to be done in the future; word-of-mouth is needless to say, as long as the guide and good service, it will help you to.

reporter: what is the secret of your marketing partner,


nine days: to understand the ronin Witkey novice friends or simply want to provide guidance of the task by the employer, let them know what Witkey website best? What is the bidding process? How to make money in the Witkey website? How to properly release task? In providing these help at the same time you can cleverly put you the marketing code sent to them, they will naturally follow your guidance and registered, and indebted forever. In fact, as long as you stand in your target group (workers and employers) to the point of view, you will find a lot of suitable promotion ideas.

reporter: in the process of marketing partners, what do you think should pay attention to?

The nine day:

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