Make electricity supplier selection is more important than hard work

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how many times have we, many websites in many books, magazines, many see this sentence "choice is more important than the effort, the sword of God and the teacher began to contact in 08 years not to regard it as right, but the electricity supplier industry, after several years of uninterrupted combat, under watch their growth and friends the growth of contrast, really feel this sentence is heavy, so today the sword of God is the main teacher together with simple talk about some of the ideas in the pre positioning of the business, I hope you can give us inspiration.

as a business, everyone should know that the platform is just a sales platform carrier, operation is the only platform based on rule premise, methods and means of network marketing, a process of the transaction, but the general design to the transaction, and then another word is closely linked, that is the product and a good product, has the advantages of products for the electricity supplier in a low back to the core of the development, so as to just contact business friends, how to position their products. Here, the teacher put the sword of God 6 points on their own.

first point: no profit, no electricity supplier

many people now do business, every day in the network, and hard, and did not earn much money, lose the wife of another soldier, with respect to the line of sales, business people I feel the helplessness and hardships, so if I think the line just earn a little postage if doing so would have little meaning so, when in the positioning of the product, the sword of God teacher think the first consideration is a little profit, and should be of high profits, it is best to achieve the profit of 70%-85%, I think it may improve the promotion of the process behind the operation, when it comes to marketing. Or you’ll get into an increasingly difficult situation at the beginning.

second points: customer price is high


electronic commerce company is very famous in all previous years to sell clothing, clothes are less than 100 yuan clothes, in recent years, with the development of the market, changes in shopping crowd, began to improve the baby’s sales price, large quantities can be found before the user has to shop with a fixed mind, think the clothes are cheap, all final product upgrades have encountered many obstacles. Similarly, as the electricity supplier of the new, should also be in this regard to be prepared in advance, the best product is set at around 200 is appropriate, so that even if the sales of more than the latter, but the turnover is considerable.

third points: short purchase cycle

on the Taobao platform, do the clothing each time the cost of developing a new customer is probably around 38 yuan, while maintaining an old customer service, the cost is less than 5 yuan, so if you choose the first electricity supplier, in a short period of time can let the customer purchase products, that will mean you need the development of new users, for the novice, it is hard, but if can provide their own quality of service, and maintain a good development and old customers.

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