2010 Taobao passenger development trend forecast

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2010 has arrived, Taobao customers are still walking the road, but we may feel a new round of competitive pressures. Whether the site, or blog, have pressure.

traffic is more and more difficult, the success of the 2009 station are also increasingly bleak, unknown to the public some of the station in 2010 2009 to become like a raging fire, where is the problem? The road next to the Taobao customer how to go? Here I will write some personal experience.

successful Taobao guest site is not itself has a unique access to the user’s resources or website brand resources. The success of individual users has been closely dependent on the search engine, with its own unique service to win the Taobao customer site less and less. Where is the way out for our individual owners, I think, still in the search engine, only targeted high – quality traffic, in order to ensure the conversion rate, to ensure even continuous improvement in revenue. This has been known to most Taobao customers. What I’m about to say is a little deeper.

we all know, some keywords related to taobao.com has basically been standing for some to and constantly showing a saturation state, a lot of friends or even directly to the analysis, taobao.com, taobao.com home like high index keywords, this is definitely for a start to choose to go the road of failure. The reasons are as follows: there are rankings of the station is a high weight station, ranking stable, but also to maintain a high quality of the chain as well as the stability of the original content updates, but also has a group of loyal active users. These resources are unparalleled new sites, in order to go beyond the ordinary individuals simply do not have to think about.

long tail keyword conversion, although high, but unfortunately, the index is low, the need to do or even groups do, in order to have a certain effect. But a recent study found that long tail keywords are gradually showing the trend of refinement, through statistical analysis, subdivision category keyword is growing rapidly, and the keyword selection in 2010 will be more segments of the keyword selection, absolutely not some old words.

want to succeed, you must know this trend.

here in 2010 is about to join Taobao’s friends say, do fine, you can succeed. The popularity of the village official is a truth. What we need to do is to reduce competition, for the first to find a new trend, so that the people behind the imitation rather than you to imitate others, which can greatly increase the success rate of the development of Taobao in 2010.

here to cite a few examples: you want to do men’s clothing, then you can even choose to do only one of the men’s brand rather than directly to Taobao men’s clothing.

you want to do skin care, then you can choose one of the most popular brands rather than directly to Taobao skin care.

to do so, you may be able to become the first batch, and so later to do, your value and advantages will become more and more obvious. If you still want to do before the road, then must have their own characteristics, rather than blindly copy the result can only be modeled on the ground, failure.

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