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      SP always thought he was a stepmother, not the operators do not love, love. Although there is a little income, can be listed on the circle to the money, but need to always see operators look.

      this fact can not blame the operator, some of the ways to get income SP or spread the content and can not see the light. Dissemination of pornographic and other illegal content, trick users to subscribe or use services, false interactive activities have been exposed. Even the operators have also been implicated, for these illegal SP to blame and punished by the regulatory authorities or public reprimand.

      a series of attacks against illegal activities in the SP last year, has left many SP in the winter. This year’s further blow will make it worse. In addition, even if there is no violations of the SP has also been implicated, performance mostly fell, and not just SP, even in cooperation with other operators partners or just by network operators to provide services, but also by the influence of different level.

      with the increase in the intensity of the crackdown, illegal SP if you do not want to be eliminated, it would have to be legally allowed to provide legal services through legal means. In the short term, this will have a certain impact on its performance, but it is more likely for the long-term healthy development of the industry as a whole. Those who recognize this in advance, and has a unique competitive advantage by resources, services and other forms of the company, will become the next stage of the winner.

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