M folding nets Zhang Lianglun Tencent business incubator small company financing 30 million myth

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held in Hangzhou in June 6th the Tencent developers salon, the Tencent soon settled entrepreneurial base meters off the network CEO Zhang Lianglun, the wonderful speech caused a scene after 80 entrepreneurs strong resonance, Chushengniudu him without fear of big companies already convinced that the future with luxuriant foliage, which belongs to the era of young people".


m folding net CEO Zhang Lianglun

all big companies started out as a small company

Zhang Lianglun talked about, all the big companies at the beginning is a very focused small company, entrepreneurship needs to be precise enough, start from an early age". The initial stage, meters off the network focused on rebate, small starting point to create more value for users. Now, the network has been growing in the process of folding in order to a more than and 100 person team, recently completed a $30 million financing.

and his team launched a new platform – babe network this year, the same choice to focus very small entry point". They are in Wenzhou, Huzhou, these places to visit children’s clothing, it is expected to take root in these markets, a firm foothold in these cities, thinking about how to extend the next step.

in the view of Zhang Lianglun, from the start, but is made of essential gene of large companies.

all successful companies have created sustainable value

compared to a short-lived company, Zhang Lianglun want to continue to create value. "A lot of companies, get up overnight, may go down after half a year." The reason, the 80 boys gave their own explanation: they failed to give people continued to create value. Our business is to help users create value, and can continue to create value."

for their own success, Zhang Lianglun is more modest, said, is not how badly we are really good luck".

speech more highlights are summarized as follows:

dry cargo

· business business model is not much, or regressed products, or regressed channels.

· we start, just like a virus, cut in from a point, and then quickly expand the scale, and then rely on the core competitiveness to ensure that they can not be trampled to death by the giant.

· it was a better time, and a worse time, but it was the age of our youth.

· pay attention to the development of wireless terminals, Tencent application treasure can help attract high-quality mobile terminal users.

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