YAHOO CEO attract more clicks optimistic about the new search advertising system

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Mel, YAHOO’s chairman and chief executive of the event said Wednesday, very satisfied with the progress he has made to the new Web and Google in order to better compete and launched a search advertising system.

Schimmel spoke at a press conference said, when YAHOO announced its first quarter report, the new search advertising system called Project Panama will bring very exciting number.

Like Google’s

system, the February 5th launch of the Panama allows advertisers to buy keywords based on popularity. It is the key to YAHOO’s competitive strategy with faster growing rival Google.

Schimmel said, we set the goal at the beginning, and now we can say that our goal is to narrow the gap with the Google, Panama completed the task well.

by placing ads in the user’s search results, Internet search can bring revenue to YAHOO and other Internet Co. Every time a user clicks on a paid link, YAHOO receives a portion of the cost, so improving the relevance of the ad and increasing the number of ads help to increase revenue.

comScore Networks last month’s report shows that Panama increased the number of clicks paid links. In the first week after the release of the new system, click on the ads YAHOO search users grew by 5%, an increase of second weeks of 9%.

Schimmel said, I am very happy, very excited.

YAHOO officials had previously said that the ability to get more advertising revenue Panama will accelerate the growth of the second half of the company.

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