Rural small millionaire the untold story behind

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Hello, I am an Dongsheng, front to share experience a personal growth in a small rural "online business to millions of years into" online reviews are more negative, many users also have doubts, I’m here today to answer one by one, and then share some success stories behind the scenes. I remember my teacher Lu Changquan teacher’s words, "as long as you choose a direction to adhere to 10 years, you will become an expert in the field". I can be likened to the marketing planning of Bill Gates, China’s e-commerce mentor, but also 10 years to adhere to the results of marketing.

I was in 2001 when security in Fangshan District Yanshan petrochemical

mentioned in the article, by the end of 2003 when he resigned to his future is very confused, because you have no technology, no qualifications, no side can help friends.

how to do, it can only rely on their own, fortunately, his daily love reading, as the saying goes, the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book, I believe from the book to find the direction of my life. Therefore, in Yanshan rent a house near the library, is to go to the library every day work reading, entrepreneurship, marketing, eloquence, celebrity biography with personal growth books borrowed all learning, while reading while thinking has continued for half a year. The study of that time for me, pointed out the way forward, I found that successful people are to seize the opportunity, at the right time, doing the right thing, then Zhongguancun is known as "the entrepreneur’s paradise", I also left Fangshan and went to Zhongguancun to find the machine, in the computer city to help people installed one day tired hematemesis, a month did not save some money. I think this day is not what I want.


in 2005 a chance, my friends and I changed my learning to shop online, too observant of conventional standards. road of entrepreneurship. Later joined the group big sellers of their internal communication, let me eye-opening original, so easy to make money. The textbook CD business is very good, I also began to sell economicmanagement Training CD, and these companies in the process of communication, I know a lot of life. Speaking of eloquent speech of Professor Ceng Shiqiang, Chinese management Liu Jinglan Lu Changquan, marketing and so on, my training CD "enterprise network marketing idea" is the teacher give me a hand crafted, we publish CDs into MP3 format, to learn, I remember when I saw a total of 1200 sets of training CD as my mentor Lu Changquan, the teacher of the course, each at least 10 times, he shared the case how to operate, I can complete repeat them, later know, real money is very simple, understand a word, understanding, and your life is changed. There is a gap between people, some people clever, a point of penetration, some people are dull, not using the fire.

in 2010, an internal master exchange group chat found Baidu business opportunities, operating Baidu bidding, earned about 1000000. A year later, more and more people are bidding

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