Wind and rain for 7 years finally brought the collapse of the DoNews to three new board

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from the creation of the boom bust, DoNews enjoyed 8 years of glory.

, on the verge of collapse from threatened by growing crises DoNews to the new board listed in the multi media cattle, chairman Wang Le endured 7 years of suffering.

2008, due to pay public relations event, Zhou Hongyi DoNews founder, former CEO Liu Ren sent to prison; at the same time, the major shareholder of the Thousand Oaks group is not prepared to invest DoNews.

this was a scene without two of the veteran IT vertical website from peak to trough, on the verge of collapse.

stormy, Wang Le throws up his response to the Thousand Oaks Group Chairman Chen Yizhou: DoNews independence from Thousand Oaks, he is responsible for the operation and self financing.

after 7 years of development, DoNews become more cattle media, become the new board of the first branch of the media data, Shun network technology, deep venture respectively for the company second, the sixth largest shareholder.

now, came to the new board of multi cattle media hopes to achieve the market value of 15-20 billion. "In the past, feel shy listed, later found that the capital market is not so too high to be reached." Wang Le to read the monarch said.

1 paid public relations event, we will not be involved in

As the first batch of

Chinese Internet technology media, DoNews Donne experienced too grudge and resentment, but also bearish too much right and wrong. Once the DoNews like light on top of Zhang Wuji, jieruqiu, at four. But it also led to a crisis.

in 2008, DoNews agreed to 360 pay public relations requirements, in the cafe when the settlement was captured by the police, DoNews founder, former CEO Liu Ren was sentenced to three years in prison. In 2009, Wang Le took the banner of DoNews.

speaking of this history, Wang Le is very open.

early DoNews is more like an organization, without the concept of leadership and staff. They express their views on the DoNews website of the individual column, related to the specific company of people and things, is the emergence of "criticism" and "mutual condemnation" phenomenon.

although these are personal point of view, but in the complex business disputes, DoNews site as the focus of conflict. As the site is not a company, there is no clear management and system, the treatment is not good, it will result in the prosecution of the site. That year, Wang Le took over the DoNews is an important principle: from now on, this must be a company.

Wang Le told read Jun, now DoNews, will not be involved in a similar dispute."

2 media die, but to sell content, cooperative advertising for a living death

after the incident, the former owner of the DoNews, Chen Yizhou, chairman of the group of thousands of oaks with Wang Le discussion >

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