2015 the most talked about the nternet business projects

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TOP10, online mall system

no matter how easy it is to do electricity supplier, electricity providers need to burn much money, can not deny the electricity supplier platform is now and even the future of one of the mainstream business.

TOP9, classification information

such sites are currently in transition, some of the transition to the vertical industry, some of the transition to local classification information. Recently, Baidu shares people network, so that this kind of website once again received the favor of the public entrepreneurs. Shanxi recently received classified information website http://s.www.shanxila.com/ Shanxi local giant enterprise investment, is in the middle of 58 city and Ganji and other giants, find a way to survive, doing well in the local Shanxi.

TOP8, sports professional website

sports industry and people’s fitness, life closely integrated, is not an industry at any time will not decline. The sports industry, a number of portals, has gradually appeared sluggish growth trend, which requires more professional sports industry. Professional sports website, such as a baseball website, tennis website, must be professional enough to obtain long-term development.

recently, a friend of the sports score http://s.www.500bifen.com/, is the only business of sports industry sports scores this piece of research is really professional, in the first week of the line on the website, the daily average IP exceeded 5000, a bright future.

TOP7, Taobao guest

as a project derived from Taobao, there are already hundreds of successful companies, many billions of market capitalization. With the "sleight of hand", low risk and high yield, is undoubtedly a good choice for business. For example, the recent investment in the nine block of nine packets of mail http://s.www.taokule.com/, adhere to the special shopping guide mode, the company is currently operating explosive situation.

TOP6, intelligent WIFI project

TOP5, P2P net loan program

TOP4, panorama (Panorama production software)

TOP3, WeChat third party services market

rely on the first domestic chat platform WeChat, third party service market is a parasite, but no doubt the prospects are bright.

TOP2, mobile application download market

TOP1, O2O local living system

O2O seems to have become synonymous with the Internet in 2015, the concept has spread to any industry in life. Although the recent bubble are frequent, but there will always be a good model of the large number of successful enterprises. Alibaba recently also restart word of mouth network, began the exploration of O2O again.

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