One of the Shanghai Dragon technology is poor in Shanghai Longfeng effect

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to the Shanghai Dragon technology, poor in Shanghai Longfeng effect, many of the details of the Shanghai dragon optimization seems not important, but if we pay attention to the details of these words, is multiplied by its own efforts to enhance the optimization. The new site may be for this concept is very vague, in fact, if we can understand the basic principle of the love of spiders in Shanghai work which is in the clear, the spider will time for Internet based site analysis, and in essence this spider is a program, since the program is if the analysis is very meticulous, at code level, we adjust some of the details can improve the optimization degree of the reason is this.


facts Shanghai dragon is this point of a Seiko deliberately can not be changed, we can only take a tough approach is counterproductive, this effect is also reflected, we can through many traditional or not and Shanghai Dragon technology, even the use of this technology is also not ignore the search engine spiders the. Even now many of the technical implementation of bad words will also hinder our site promotion.

Shanghai dragon is a meticulous work, in my previous time is said this, but at that time, many Shanghai Phoenix are very impetuous, so when the optimization is often abused, seemingly in the short term is to optimize the best effect, but in the long term.? we also know that in fact a lot of fast Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques are not as good as we think, after a period of time is our rankings will fall down, there are a lot of black hat Shanghai dragon adopted some extreme optimization, these optimization methods have the potential to increase a lot the risk to our site.

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rugged Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is necessarily not long, so now the Shenzhen network promotion began to pay attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon in many real quality, we had no attention to the details of the above we are fighting for the group to do the best. Our Shanghai Dragon technology is perfect. If you think you also is the case, then improve the optimization effect of the following three points you can do it, this is the page analysis in the HTML perspective, good keyword density, adjust their site navigation and map. We have to do is. You know in your site you need to be cautious when recovery after the operation? Understand this point is very important for Shanghai dragon.

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