How to optimize the benefit for the enterprise owners

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two, increase the number of sites, which is specific and easy to optimize

let me tell you about my personal point of view: Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization


to the tricks of learning, do not blindly.

Finally, some suggestions about

webmaster how to avoid the benefit for the enterprise edge

optimization not only need mentality, and method.

a word, industry competition is too fierce, we should be involved in the long tail word

as a company employee, whether you because no benefits have been brought to the enterprise boss out of

now love Shanghai undulator ups and downs do you think, enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng road has become the

don’t hold a difficult word has been made, should be gradual.

love Shanghai too much promotion and popular word optimization effort, so the optimization is very demanding, we should find the customer search is not long but must have one of the search words, optimization is easy, and the conversion rate is very high! For the core word even if the ranking is again good, the traffic is very small, but the long tail words can be countless. This will greatly increase your exposure rate.

for two weeks, and finally summarizes the following solutions:



chicken ribs?The following

interaction with peers, will bring a lot of inspiration to you.

enterprise website optimization, this should be relaxed and happy, has now been love Shanghai, optimize the company engaged in a complete mess. A so desperate! Even if you get ranking, also can not get traffic, because you still above promotion. If you have enough time, your work is not significantly prominent, because there is a group of companies and you fight ranking optimization.

as a business owners, whether you are vexed because of the keyword and

enterprise station optimization is the best way of stand, learn the ropes.

, a website is always two no more. As the saying goes, "the three stooges, the top of a Zhu Geliang" website as long as well, choose some easy to optimize words. Just a few days later to get early, too worry, now our station is very hot words, the word up, the word down, very laborious! Such as my site is decorated station. Keywords Beijing decoration company, Beijing office decoration, decoration factories in Beijing, Beijing office decoration, why not only get an office, a building, office buildings can be summed up to the office, which is very specific, and easy optimization.


enterprise website should pay attention to quality, do not blindly send spam.

? Through the analysis of

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