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for advertisers, we all know that Shanghai and Shanghai bid put love love alliance is as a "burning" live, but for the love of Shanghai alliance advertising advertisers are most worried about in addition to malicious invalid clicks that the conversion rate is too low, and the love of Shanghai alliance precise matching technology on the line, according to a recent Shanghai love alliance keywords visitors search records matching, matching advertisements tend to visitors who are really interested in, the conversion rate will be relatively increased, to some extent reduce the advertisers advertising spending.


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technology is a love of Shanghai senior engineer Yang Yang and his team developed, because the $one million reward this innovative R & D Engineer Yang Yang in April Xiamen love Shanghai owners meeting Robin Li. In fact, this is the love of Shanghai alliance advertising can be highly correlated with the web page content matching, in fact, the use of love Shanghai union of friends you will find love, recently Shanghai alliance advertising is relatively more accurate, through my observation on the web advertising and visitors recently search records, for this the three class user experience is a big promotion.

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mentioned that love Shanghai, to stationmaster friends really love and hate. Whether it is love or what reason, attention also love Shanghai for a long time, it is love in Shanghai these days have been in progress. Some people say that this is because the 360 search strong insertion, let love Shanghai started to pay attention to the user experience, but broken Jun believes that no matter what the reason is, as long as the right direction, for those of us in terms of users and advertisers, webmaster love Shanghai is not good news for

webmaster user experience

love Shanghai alliance advertising for the webmaster friends, the best way to improve the user experience, is the high rate of advertising, increase the income of the webmaster. Before you are like "how to improve the website advertisement click rate?", but in fact, after the use of this technology, love Shanghai alliance advertising decreased by nearly 50%, Shanghai love website ad click rate there is a rise in some degree, so the webmaster friends is a good feedback. Improve the stationmaster income.

most of the time, visitors through various channels into a website, and then write a personal hobby website is everywhere what weight loss, medical treatment, plastic garbage such as advertising, advertising for visitors, because the load itself will reduce the page loading speed, plus a sick in advertising, is simply a double blow. Love Shanghai alliance precise matching technology on the line, the precise matching of advertising, advertising pictures can not only beautify the content of the website, also can recommend some visitors interested in this, then why not?

, a Shanghai love alliance precise matching technology on line


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