How to achieve the ultimate master station optimization

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blog title and site title is Shuttle blog, now officially designated as: network marketing blog. Although the blog content in Shanghai dragon, but after all, Shanghai dragon is a kind of network marketing methods, and Shuttle will study various network marketing methods, will not only Shanghai dragon, in writing to be related to Email marketing, viral marketing, network advertising planning. In order to cover the full temporarily set network marketing blog.

link at the bottom of the site not too wasteful, Shuttle put some minor keywords in this position, such as: Xingtai, Xingtai Shanghai dragon company website optimization, Links on Shanghai dragon consultants, Shanghai dragon service word.

recently carried out some optimization and adjustment of the blog site. The anchor text and the construction of the chain of Shuttle didn’t have much time to do outside the station, so in order to make the station optimization ranking can only play the biggest role.

, a web site title change.


main title or Shuttle blog, the author’s name. In fact, always wanted to change the title of this title, the feeling is too vulgar, like what herd boy ah, the son of the wind ah, the name of more energetic, more exciting, but since the beginning of the Shuttle blog, and after the promotion is standing outside the anchor text and Links with Shuttle blog, the name and the record is also used, think to think or do not change, it is the common custom, I have seen a more popular name, and Shuttle blog is not really hard.


Four, pay attention to

subtitle: formally identified as web site operators, Shanghai dragon, enterprise network marketing. I think this title is not for a long time to change. These three aspects basically includes Shuttle love and concerns.

, five station anchor text increase.

links and Links bottom position.

for the convenience of readers, so as to segment the content, divide the contents for learning and communication, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, knowledge, Wangzhuan site operators, e-commerce, computer knowledge and mood log etc.. Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial, subdivision of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng case, Shanghai dragon tools etc.. This blog because Shuttle uses Title Shanghai dragon plug-in, title is like this: the title – Classification of name blog. The content of segmentation is more conducive to search engine ranking.

Before the

station anchor text link number, an article with a maximum of three anchor text is nonsense, the anchor text is the best love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can also pay more attention, a hundred words, there may be five or six anchor text links. The anchor text is not much, but whether relevant.

two, blog title changes

three, blog content segmentation.

six, in the home show an increase in the number of comments.

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