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said the energy is limited, I have to say another problem caused by the limited energy is the latest change labels and busy station in the chain, can not do a few outside the chain! There is not to make a website more conducive to the layout of the segmentation algorithm; then the content of the web site update by Brian figure teacher, but he is also energy is limited, so the website traffic is always fluctuated, please allow me to make a sudden dash, because I suddenly want to summarize a biggest problem: why small and medium-sized site daily flow over a million little? It is because


finally, please allow me to close my eyes to ask a sentence: the road live in where? (source: visitors love to see 贵族宝贝65h贵族宝贝/vedio/hot/


website there is the problem of jump out rate is very high, for the query class website jump out rate is high not what is normal, but for entertainment video sites, jump out too high has been heralded a serious problem, the problem is to find the signal unstable! But the bad thing is that this problem to solve a lot of time and energy, but also every week spent a lot of time and effort, and doing all heavy work, which is why a lot of students by gathering for the video site to two ways: one is to break out of the station group, the other is a tiger interactive community station.


Li Xuezhi is pleased many had not been included the content page has been included, the main keywords many pages have good rankings, good love Shanghai first, poor hovering on the home page second page third. But the good news is, the weight increased significantly, in the long tail word always ranked in the home page.

this is not good for two months, there are still many pages are not included, many radio stations such as network radio, links to them as locked in a corner, spiders can not find them, obviously, the website structure problem without Brian graph problem in the teacher’s hands, I this. Fortunately, I found out where I was wrong, but unfortunately, I know I made this mistake caused mainly from energy limited


said above is good, in order to encourage myself! Below will summarize the difference and push myself, to inform you

January 10th Li Xuezhi took over the broadcast network of Shanghai dragon, flash now has over more than in February; the more than two months to say the big change is not large, the average IP/UV/PV is over 4 times more, but the main keywords ranking high index was over 10 times, from the original more than 560 to the present 58 although, around 50 are still very bad, but still gratifying progress rate.

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