How to look for the original content of love Shanghai

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love Shanghai how to determine the original content, this is a big problem of the webmaster, I do optimization work Xiaofeng lottery website, focuses on the analysis of the problem. I love the Shanghai will index to the database. Is how to judge, this is my problem. Through the study of Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝 for a period of time, Shanghai found love on innovation of the article, update the article special favor. I am a page on the site to do different jobs, a page to update every day, the original article, another page update speed is slow, the article mostly for the acquisition, the data analysis results show that often update. The original high page love Shanghai is love, included very much.

1, love Shanghai how to determine the original content of

has always been a hot topic of discussion for the webmaster "love Shanghai original content", in the adjustment of the algorithm constantly love Shanghai, support the original, this topic is more widely circulated on the internet. Although we say different, but when it comes to the original point, the content of the web site plagued many webmaster, Xiaofeng lottery website I do, this was also the original problems for a long time. If the original article is easy to write, then there is no problem what, like some large sites, every day to update the contents of hundreds of articles, with original articles of words, obviously not realistic. How will the original content website, we still need to analyze from Shanghai to love the original article in view.

third: the original Shanghai love how to do

second: love Shanghai why love the original

analyze why love Shanghai love what? Most of our webmaster do optimization work is required to meet the rules of search engine optimization love Shanghai, love Shanghai love things, nature is of great help to the optimization of our work. Do Chinese love Shanghai market share accounted for the largest amount of search engine, he pays more attention to the user experience, the core task of love is to meet the needs of users in Shanghai. Then the love of Shanghai at this time must be taken into account for the satisfaction of users, because users love high quality articles, originality, readability and high content, so love Shanghai nature to meet the user’s preferences, support the original. I made from the content of the website optimization work Xiaofeng lottery, love Shanghai love for the original article, because users love, after all is the content of your website users, because users will love Shanghai experience to reflect the quality of your article, if you love the article.

here I mainly Xiaofeng lottery website content optimization for example, talk about how to do the original article. To update one hundred or two hundred article daily content of the website, the original is not possible, so the majority of large and medium-sized website or a large collection of articles. I do Xiaofeng lottery site updates, but also the acquisition of the family articles, but I will change practice, firstly, I will modify the title, will I have to do.

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