How to reasonable bidding promotion account consumption in the budget

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SEM specialist all know, no matter do for promotion in which the platform has the function of budget setting. While the budget setting is set according to the intensity of competition in the industry and the daily average volume of the account. Of course, each company will according to the ratio of input to output customized daily budget is how much.

is really reasonable consumption according to the consumption of key account to assess. Do SEM know, pattern matching keywords can be roughly divided into 3 kinds: extensive and accurate phrases and. The accuracy is too low due to extensive keywords, usually by SEM Commissioner to give up, so the exact phrases and two matching modes are the most frequent. Xiaobian for promotion has been engaged in 3 years of time, is also a small experience. For these two kinds of phrases and precise pattern matching, small series have different positioning of its.

phrase match – guide flow, increase the account activity.

account in the end how to budget allocation is most reasonable? Small with their own operating examples to share with you one or two, just one word "with small account Hongkong server rental" to analyze, this word, I have two kinds of matching set, but the price is certainly a great difference and I must ensure that it is accurate, the top 3 ranking in quality, but fell in love with the sea; the phrase is not the same, the price small is not ranked according to the set, but to show the amount of the word to pricing. A certain price for "Hongkong server rental" to provide a certain amount of the show and click on it, this price is appropriate, how to reduce the two data, it shows that the current price is not appropriate, it would have to make a prompt decision to raise prices. Because such as the core of the word, we must maintain a high degree of attention and execution, to make the core keywords to get the nuclear.

was part of a small love Shanghai for promotion of the lecture, the teacher was asked a question: do you think the phrase matching and precise matching which a consumer is faster? Most of the students are said to be because of the keyword phrase matching phrase matching, are more likely to show up, so the consumption will be faster. The fact is it? Of course not, indeed, show a lot more phrases, but each SEM specialist knows, quoted phrase matching, the price adjustment for keywords will not set too high, because we do not need this keyword ranking, but with the other words related to matching keywords. While the exact word matching is not the same, need high price to ensure that its ranking and presentation. Generally speaking, accurate matching keywords click charges 1 times as 2 to 3 times the phrase match keywords click cost.


set up a budget, spending the day what is the most reasonable? Every day did not reach the budget line, or had reached the budget line, or Campbell to budget? These three kinds of situations, the most ideal should be third. But the ideal does not mean it is the most reasonable.

precise matching – Guide and accurate flow, to clinch a deal.


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