The difference between B2C and B2B sites in Shanghai Dragon

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B2C website in Chinese case of persuasion is also very important, but the typical B2C customer is some retail, their product specifications, color, or some of the more preferential exaggerated praise for products of interest, but a commercial purchaser by the risk aversion driven only low prices not.

B2B enterprise website copy content not only on the site in the search engine rankings, but more important is the impact on the purchaser, copy must also be persuasive.

, B2C and the ultimate goal of B2B website optimization is to increase sales, at this point, B2C and B2B does not have what difference, but in the website optimization, B2C site is usually in order to improve the access rate of sales per capita. Ideally, when the user through the search engine to find website, website set channel from the landing page guide in the final, complete the shopping process.

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(3) B2B enterprise website content of every page is more and more important to

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B2B enterprise website should focus on the "Stickiness", let buyers stay on the site longer, more in-depth investigation of "reading and other related web content, so as to establish the trust of the buyers to the site. The biggest factor is a professional B2B purchaser decisions is the risk, in other words, he is afraid of making a mistake.

with more and more B-to-B users to search engines potentially powerful propaganda force, many B2B companies began to seek an effective search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) strategy, search engine optimization to successful B2B enterprise website, we must understand the B2C and B2B search engine optimization and difference contact. The following is borrowed from expert GalenDeYoung views and new competitiveness network marketing management consultant’s thoughts and experience and summarizes several points.

is therefore a major goal of B2B is to assess the buyers at the website of enterprise and provide products. Make sure that when buyers arrive at the site of the landing page, which links to other web content can help build enterprise e-commerce database: 6.+1’8214/ +! 73 credibility, so that buyers put enterprise into account.

however, the B-to-B enterprise website is not practical, buyers of the B2B is usually not possible to complete the whole process of purchase on the site, so the B2B enterprise website optimization goal is not immediately effective sales, but more is to attract buyers will first choice supplier candidate list your business included in the. In the field of B2B conversion rate is usually not immediately can be done on the B2B website optimization, the site is the purchaser found just a start.

(1) B2C and B2B have different

(2) to improve user stickiness is very important to improve the conversion rate of

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