How the news event will be on good traffic in Google

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news site map: you can put the day’s news site.

in the Optify report also cited ten points on how to better prepare for and participate in major news events, we obtain the target flow to better.


in this unexpected news search results report, also show an interesting phenomenon, that is in search of emergency news results pages are generally not what advertising. Goffman speculated that this is because the advertising business do not want to be involved in emergency news. For example, if you are an airline, you will want your ad to appear in the event of an emergency of the plane crash news search results page

another noteworthy problem is the organic search results, organic search results will be breaking news events to the top of the search results. And in breaking news events news search results, such as multimedia news contains pictures or video will be more popular.


Google and Bing in the breaking news events of the search results page of a series of differences related to marketing personnel through popular events to develop marketing strategies. Famous marketing software company Optify recently on major news events of three different types of Google and Bing search results ranking is investigated and compared. These three types of news including the world news, economic news and local emergency the latest news. Optify found that the two major search engine news search results page for the authority, pay attention to multimedia elements and fresh degree are different, resulting in the search results are very different. Then we have to look at what is not the same.

Google pays more attention to the authority, and will be inclined to freshness

Optify CEO and co-founder Blaine Goffman (Brian Goffman) said: "Google and Bing reflects their major news events are to create different search results page. Google will be more inclined to give priority to the source of authority, by contrast, will be there will be more of the latest news, but these are not necessarily high authority.



then the marketing staff how to prepare and participate in the emergency

2, social sharing: use your social network, for breaking news events spread more quickly and more widely.

: 4, fresh in accident news, if you are the one and only the content will be fresh is your key to success.

3, Google will give the baby + Nobility: contains more "+1" content, so you need to add a +1 button in the noble baby on your site.

format: as I mentioned above contains pictures or video multimedia content will be more favored by search engine.


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