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site level very much, we are still a bit concerned, said today is ten points:

site level factorsInfluence factors of Google’s

fifth update frequency, website content, website freshness is a Google ranking special attention, adding new content or content changes are important factors affecting the freshness.

third, domain name trust, domain trust is mainly affected by the chain, if the chain of domain name from the authority of the high quality and high level of trust that relevant website, Google gives domain of natural high, if the chain domain name comes from the inferior bad site, the domain name trust is not high. On this point, see trust rank.

fourth, website structure, website structure and level of good will help Google to better understand and organize your content.

sixth, the number of pages of the website, Google ranking factors on influencing factors is very small, the reason is because of this factor in the statistical data of Google, the number of Web sites and the quality of the rubbish site there is a certain difference, so for new sites, Google would occasionally refer to these statistics.

Google ranking factors (seven): (a)

eighth, the website server is stable, the server is not stable in Google ranking negative factors has been ranked in the forefront, the server is not stable, will not only lower the user experience, but also the impact of Google and Google on the web crawler rating server long term instability and even lead to K station.

in the last week, we used six articles respectively introduces the influence factors of the domain name Google ranking (ten points) and page factors (fifty points), today, we then look at the impact of Google ranking factors of site level factors.

second, contact us whether the contents of the page in the page detailed enough, Google quality score manual was mentioned in the contact us page content is detailed and accurate is an important factor affecting the site scores, Google will be through whois information to contact our content in matching verification, usually contact us page content, accurate Google, is preferred.

ninth server location, geographical location, now has become an important factor affecting the Google ranking, for example, your server in Hongkong, in the Hongkong area.

seventh, the site map, which is based on, each one wants to obtain good ranking web site, the site map is indispensable.

first, the website content value, the value of a site included in the content, whether the collection is full of plagiarism? On this issue, Google in the help file for websites that explicitly mentioned collection sites and content of no value to pay special attention to, of course, you can imagine, attention early is not a good ranking later, attention may directly on the K station.

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