Shanghai Longfeng optimization and how to avoid common mistakes

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error two: external links; hair

error four: the website is not updated

error: without keywords planning research.

said this words, is fundamental to our website, we do some are based on keywords to launch, so we in the optimization of the website, we need to analyze specific issues, the words given. The main keywords of a web site about three more appropriate to our position, after all our network is not too much with home page keywords.

we have been doing Shanghai Longfeng colleagues are web site keywords ranking, the ranking is up, then our Shanghai dragon will succeed, if not, the idea is to make Shanghai Longfeng sit Shanghai Longfeng, did not understand the specific meaning of our Shanghai dragon fundamentally.

error three: not thorough analysis of website, lead to excessive

in fact, no matter what search engines to our website in the spider or crawler, not all the time to crawl, so, but by the time the provisions of our website update, every day we should be updated in a specific time, locked in a time domain, then the search engine will regularly visit our website.

this is a common problem, not the site itself in two areas of Shanghai dragon which is a lot of people love to do most, their analysis of website structure must be completely, grasp an important point, the site need to be amended, everyone really changes correctly, and then optimize.

not long ago, and a website optimization master in the process of the communication, I have a common feeling with him, our website optimization, the ultimate goal is to reach a deal. Today to take this opportunity to share with you, by the communication between him and me.

, a small part of our Shanghai dragon knowledge network marketing, we optimize the purpose is to promote the deal, so we in the website optimization, or keywords, long tail keywords ranking, one of our goals is the transaction. In many cases, many webmaster we have such a misunderstanding, I also included, next, we concretely analyze, some of our common mistakes and how to avoid.

on the external links, will also be more, we have a qualitative thinking, nothing more than to do outside the chain. The chain to vote on my website, the website authority value increased it. In fact, the false point of view, the web site of the chain is not only one, the most important is that we should pay attention to the quality of the chain, that is to say the website chain must hold a "quantity" and "quality". So the amount is "quantity", "quality is the quality". In addition to grasp this point, we should pay attention to is to focus on a little hair, don’t spam links.

Myth five: no > optimization In fact,

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