Sun Peichang love Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry personnel involved in search of artificial will

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Chinese with search engines are used to love Shanghai, love Shanghai. You’ll see. According to statistics, nearly 70% people in China love Shanghai. There are 30% of the share is SOSO, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO, bing. Because most people love with site navigation. The 123 is a good representative, 123 love Shanghai acquisition, the first search is certainly love Shanghai. Although in many places, large Internet cafes, Sogou company to do a lot of navigation settings, let the Internet first open Sogou search, but there are still people to enter the baidu贵族宝贝 in IE. In a lot of city bus. Also Sogou search advertising, before the Spring Festival Gala please Zhao Benshan advertising. Do AD so much, but still do love Shanghai. Not because of the Internet, but the Shanghai dragon staff.

brush love Shanghai search method: love Shanghai search for a keyword, for example, you do not change IP every day to search your site title 20 times in Shanghai, at least 20 times. For example, you are the key words of "Shanghai dragon master Sun Peichang" so long, others search in love: "Shanghai sun Peichang" Shanghai Dragon Master ", see Sun Peichang in the Shanghai dragon master related search will most below. Strengthen the way up: search Shanghai Longfeng high >

since Google’s exit Chinese, Chinese search face diversification, the authenticity of the audit is not enough pressure. Many do Shanghai dragon to do a lot of garbage sites, the optimization of the fraud site. Which ranked in the first love Shanghai, Google first. Frequent customer complaints and Google love Shanghai. Google is facing the dual pressure out of the Chinese, a big love Shanghai. It is certainly not allowed at the head of the body. So love Shanghai search can not completely rely on the machine by a spider. We must take artificial participation. Recently, Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry love of pressure is more and more apparent. Because the Shanghai dragon destroyed the original rules of the game, so the manual review website is a must.

website optimization method to achieve the first love Shanghai keywords, must use the necessary means, one is manual or software such as click on keywords, you have a free space to do the "optimization of free space". Love Shanghai, so much free space online, you want to put the word of his free space to love Shanghai first, then, you have to find a different IP different search in the fall in love with the sea: the word "free space", and then find your web page by page, and then click to enter at least! 20 times this practice every day. Of course you can write the C language, a Shanghai dragon automatic click Tools for brush ranking love Shanghai. Get instant results。

search love Shanghai as early as 09 years of Phoenix Nest began, and gradually increase the search regulation. Some people may ask, so many sites, leaned over artificial tube? So here, we want to talk about what is the basic means to optimize their marketing staff in Shanghai Longfeng

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