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Shanghai dragon as the person, that is true, Shanghai dragon you do well again, can not be too assertive, arrogant, modesty is part of life, so is the Shanghai dragon, otherwise one day sooner or later will be planted

two website at the same time by K is not accidental, not because of their website or Shanghai dragon appeared on what technology major mistakes, but we really could not understand this two ways and attitude, of course, including the domestic search engine boss – Shanghai boss also could not understand love, so they were directly to the boss play. Chairman Mao once warned us: make modest progress, conceit makes one lag behind. I think on the two men more than appropriate, then to Shanghai dragon training at the same time, why only K you two? And we see Shanghai dragon why do better than your own, why Shanghai dragon why nothing, but for a few years in Shanghai dragon throne apparently the three to Shanghai dragon training forum, Shanghai Dragon why was the highest in the webmaster heart cries, in other words, only the teacher knows more about the man, do not play, modest and prudent, true to the Shanghai Dragon technology as the core, diligent in teaching. I am not the only teacher lobbyists, because I have never met with the teacher Cardiff, so we don’t doubt me is the opportunity to raise the Shanghai dragon why, elevation of Cardiff that makes you think.

rain Shanghai dragon forum to occupy the first seat, I worked in the forum he looked carefully to see some optimization case he did this through these cases, he declared himself a ranking of unknown, all through their painstaking research and practice, others never learn to completely a domineering tone, and then encourage everyone to join his Shanghai dragon training, learning his most advanced ranking method, training fee of more than 1000, the first phase of enrollment of 80 people, the rain gave me the first impression is a correct one, not because his training price is high, but feel like he is in a >

the two day circle is fried raise a Babel of criticism of two things. One is the rain Shanghai dragon forum directly by K, the other is a long time for the forum is also K, but also implicate his earliest slimming products list website.

! The

rain Shanghai dragon forum to be K on-line in less than 20 days, why is life so short fall? Admittedly, rain is a means and skills, even beyond the beginning of Shanghai dragon why forum ranking when someone asks only what he used the method in the forum a new station in just more than 10 days time to do first? Only say what he means is not seen for up to do. Here I will praise about the teacher Cardiff, as an industry leader in Shanghai Longfeng, can be so frank, really admirable. If the change is done for a long time or the rain, I do not know whether it can be so calm not knowing the answer". What you know and what you don’t know, maybe this is only with their biggest difference.

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