Shanghai dragon how to improve the user experience through structural adjustment

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The most noteworthy details

the first point: make full use of icons, love has been very small icon blog, such as top back, comment, return to the home page, and so on, often go to some Shanghai dragon blog so should be able to see a lot of people are using such knowledge, if an article is very long, there are comments 100+. So pull up from below, will be how to spend time, there is a "back on top", will be the most convenient, if used in the example of this forum is also a good method, many forums use this code to improve the user experience.

The structure of

is the most conducive to the retrieval of the structure, static pages and columns, about the relation between static and dynamic pages, a lot of people say that dynamic pages compared to static pages, unfavorable more, so whether we don’t have dynamic pages, on this point, only to the dynamic parameters is not many, then the dynamic page relative to what particular effects of static pages will not, but in SE development today, if still can not adapt to the simple parameters of dynamic pages, then this way too backward. The column category, can be maintained under three layer three layer directory, directory can be used as the basis of the article page, only the page enrich your web site, in order to better improve the whole weight of the content is one aspect, but the content is the basis; the structure of the user experience, is nothing more than make clear the category of more general structure, can eye can see the entire site, to know what to say and understand what is the best.

, the most intuitive color collocation, in fact, this piece of art is nothing more than things, what type of website is, for example, belongs to the automobile class website, so the template can do a little black air for example; belongs to women websites. Then it pink and red will be your first choice, warm class will be more meaningful. Color collocation, is more the type of website you do the most basic color configuration, this one also belongs to the structure of the website.

National Day just before, boss take over several websites make analysis of its structure, also known as the foundation, in fact the relationship between a structure and user experience where you can get, to analyze its structure, and then modify the structure is more suitable for the user experience of the play will have more important significance, and the basic key foundation the user experience is structured.

second: breadcrumb navigation bar. There are a lot of enterprise websites are not with bread crumbs, habits, and bread crumbs is now in what place I remember important documents, no bread crumbs, very easy to let visitors forget me now belongs to what category, what product I have ever seen, I also need to see what is now the need to compare websites a little bread crumbs so it makes it easier for us to pay attention to.

third: the speed and stability of space, space velocity, open slowly, stability is not high, these are my.

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