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came to a wine merchant’s website, customers in addition to looking for wine, looking for agents will be doing? This is the Shanghai dragon master should consider the optimization. The user may want to know how to do some wine knowledge, wine agents, wine news and so on Oh, this website segments, or relatively complete.

. What is the user experience of

1.WHO: when doing a website, we must locate the site audience, such as a wine merchant’s website, the target audience is the manufacturers, find drinks friends, so I decided to go to the site we facilitate manufacturers fast find the good wine, this wine is well done (see below), open the site, is the station search, to the user at a glance, not to say you can find what you want, at least, know where to find.

investment category is clear, and some current hot topics, the London Olympic Games is the current hot spots, it seems that the website will seize the user’s mind.

3.WHY: why users come here.

fell in love with the sea before you: the user experience is a purely subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. This is the official, said the popular point, is that you feel when using things. As the reader in reading my article, if you look after learn something, that is my article user experience is good, can bring knowledge to readers; on the other hand, of course, is not good. Again, the beauty of women buy cosmetics, inconvenient to use and allergic reactions, this is the cosmetics to consumers is not good experience.

Since the ?

two. How to do a good user experience? Do the "four W"


user experience refers to the user in the use of feelings, let’s do it of course to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the multi station based on the user’s point of view. I think the most important, we must seize the "four W": WHO (who is the user) and WHAT (what), WHY (why), WHERE (where I am).


. Make the optimization of the friends is to do the most mentioned website user experience, then is inexperienced, is not too clear. But now the importance of user experience, experience is quite deep, today is here a little show off, sharing some of their own understanding of user experience, we encourage each other and we are wrong, but also look forward.

users choose your website, why? People think this and more there will be repeated two points, but still want to give you a more verbose, users, can not let him down.

2. WHAT: to understand the user to do what.

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