The breadcrumb navigation function and common type of bread crumbs navigation

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: a breadcrumb navigation based on the location of


breadcrumb navigation for your site is not an important part, but I think the breadcrumb navigation is a friendly experience improve your site’s good way. Bread crumbs derives from the famous fairy tale, the story of Hansell and Gretel got lost in the forest, but later they through the crumbs of bread on the way to find a way out. So what is the role of breadcrumb navigation to your site for

This is the most common type of

is good except for your visitors to your site for the breadcrumb navigation effect is significant. According to the research shows that breadcrumb navigation can improve the residence time of visitors, reduce the rate of jump out, improve the site’s conversion rate and other beneficial results. For the bread crumbs can highlight your words, can through the anchor text breadcrumb or pointing to pages to your site in the search engine more friendly. At the same time can increase the content of bread crumbs navigation correlation, because they are a set of keywords. But for rankings, the correlation is an important factor. Now we know the breadcrumb navigation for the role of the site, so our common breadcrumbs are there? The author today in the following brief share three breadcrumb navigation.



breadcrumb navigation is a major part of your site, below the title bar at the top of the page, or generally appear in the main navigation. The bread crumbs position must be easy to let visitors find, because the search engine is to guide visitors to your site, breadcrumb navigation can help visitors know where they are, and can take visitors to a more advanced page. Breadcrumb navigation can improve your site’s usability, functionality, and can show the hierarchical structure of the site is very good, without the need for extra visitors click on the other page can be reached.


this breadcrumb most often appear in the e-commerce site. The breadcrumb navigation can be a very good product within the current page that other attributes or categories. For a product, the properties are not only one, but through this kind of bread crumbs navigation can give consumers a more intuitive understanding. This is an e-commerce site selling cars, a car of SUV not only belongs to the 2010 production of other attributes, such as price, color and other attributes. If you use this navigation can make visitors more easily find the information they want.

two: breadcrumb navigation based on

. Breadcrumb navigation of this type can point out the hierarchical structure of the current page and the entire site is very good. This breadcrumb can display the current page before a page or directory of links. Can make the visitors know their position, and can quickly find their desired page. Friendly experience can be very good to improve the user.

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