The website ranking drop exactly where there is a problem

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‘s own website and a lot of the same industry website, both published update frequency and chain website experience, content are good, but the ranking dropped. I believe that love is in Shanghai this year to update these algorithms, are very selfish inside, that feeling can top. This paper consists of: Chinese logo net 贵族宝贝logozhizuowang贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you.

After the adjustment of The


believes that most of the webmaster website ranking and the same situation also declined. The other page is the site of the rankings than the home is good, can be said to be a chaotic phenomenon.

recently fell in love with the sea one after another chain introduced a variety of restrictions, let us make life harder for owners. Such as the green algorithm introduced in July 1st 2, can make a number of webmaster unemployed. In addition, when in July 19th launched the two level domain name sale or directory of the penalty notice, can be said that all is taken to optimize blow. Although I have not had sex in Shanghai called cheating examples, but also suffered a blow in these algorithms.

algorithm is not adjusted before


from the above 3 almost all the content page at the same time, seems to be content, for the consumer experience should not be very good. Like Shanghai himself, to the original, not duplicate content, each page you are almost 3, what is the meaning of

like some very simple to do not compete the words began to fall, so I had to begin to doubt their own problems seriously love Shanghai. It can be said: before now love Shanghai search to content better to adjust the search to the good. Because now you search words there are love Shanghai for their own products, such as love Shanghai know, love and love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar library, as long as you search hot words Shanghai products will be a lot of love. If you go to Shanghai in search of love "to buy shoes which website", the Shanghai and Post Bar know all is love in the home. Figure

when Shanghai launched love Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the website ranking began to fall. Some of the anchor text outside the chain operation and the chain operation text website ranking dropped significantly. There are many words from the first page fell to the third page, some keywords from page third fell to the eighth page. Figure:

?The author also analyses the

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