When the analysis principle of salvation station group after K

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two: single station content optimization to eliminate cheating

generally do not stand swarm optimization, increase the number of cheating in the site optimization, such as keywords implicit stack, buy a large number of black chain, and through various ways of cheating, find some hidden one-way links, these are likely to be in love with a step transgression punishment, so it should be completely eliminated black hat Optimization Website, even at the re written website templates, or replace the template to make the search engine that this site is a new station, which will be the site in the black box to love Shanghai, review.

but a year long live love Shanghai home early, also let him put before the entire investment earned back, but after all, more than a dozen sites from the original, up to now 150 large stations, overnight or be destroyed on one day a very sad, so for the K stations also revive: the author thinks that? No, but the other way to avoid losses, I think we can from the following several aspects to implement, can effectively reduce the loss by K after the station group.


: immediately cut off stations connecting line, to prevent further expansion of

found station group was determined after K, should be completely broken up but sprocket group, operation station webmaster all know, because many links are connected to each other within the page, after a year of operation, these links can not be perplexing, through the artificial way to destroy all stations in the link, the only way is completely closed before other auxiliary station group website, leaving several elite website, and then in the chain for the elite website optimization, so as to realize the transformation from the station to independent website, the rest of the work is to further improve the ranking of the single station.

three high quality: to strengthen the construction of website, and make marketing

website template replacement success, high quality content to a certain intensity of creation, the spirit can still pseudo original or collection methods, this obviously does not cause the love interest of Shanghai, because love Shanghai general in the K station, the spider will rarely patronize, especially from the way the original link now, because the love of spiders in Shanghai to a certain extent, there is a memory function for link crawling, so certainly not from the previous link to your site again, so in the preparation of high quality content at the same time, should also be outside the chain of construction, the construction of the chain that need more >

a friend a few million investment group, in a recent update in Shanghai love operations a year up to 150 web sites of the game station, being punished, of which two sites focus on building the ranking is completely lost, because some fixed game player in this game for two sites have been accumulated, so a short time, has not brought to the site loss, but it is undeniable that the friends of a year of hard fix page ranking no, or very depressed.

When the depth KWhen

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