How to use the WeChat brand marketing promotion

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for each user of WeChat …

5.: low threshold operation without too much technical content.

WeChat marketing advantage:

6. automatic operation: if the use of some WeChat marketing software, can achieve automatic operation. Don’t need artificial watch

currently, WeChat users mainly concentrated in the age of 18-30 years old, can be said to be the main force of the Internet, most of them use WeChat to communicate with friends, make new friends. The overall consumption is moderate, suitable for some youth oriented product enterprise user promotion.

WeChat, I want to 70.80. 90 people, is an often mentioned words, only micro is not credible, become a popular, WeChat is making friends, exchanges become an indispensable part of life. Where there are people, there will be inevitable advertising, so WeChat marketing has become now the most popular way of marketing.

applies to WeChat marketing: customer sites, non industry for 18-30 year olds, and the need for the promotion of enterprises and businesses in a certain area.

4 low cost: WeChat marketing almost do not put too much money, the cost is negligible in terms of revenue, can be said to.

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3.: WeChat advertising precision marketing diversity, WeChat specifically for a certain region or place the user delivery.

if you have recently received regular beauty add your friends, if you often see beautiful beautiful picture when a shake, if you often receive a strange beauty will give you the information, then only two points, you are a super handsome boy, or are you… Are marketing

Tencent according to official statistics, Chinese use mobile phone Internet users has reached 900 million, the installation of WeChat mobile phone users has exceeded 200 million, the number of Internet users and the number of mobile phone online time has far exceeded the PC, also without geographical and time constraints, the future, with the popularity of smart machines, mobile phone users will access more and more.

2.: advertising timeliness sent out after the user will see the advertisement information through mobile phone to

at the same time, WeChat users love at any time using a mobile phone to receive the information sent to see friends. WeChat marketing has very high timeliness.

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