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is the last post. The best way for the chain forum is the topic, general forum members often post is love very much, because it can help to improve the popularity of forum can also increase the forum included. And for the promotion of staff, through the topic can effectively increase the reverse link to your site. In the post, you should look at the interval and the post post content. Titles are not posted is the administrator of the forum or challenge tolerance, who do not want their own forums are full of advertisements, for a management forum moderator management, advertising is the first hard object. Once you send advertising, even rank high, management is the letter of mercy. Whether there are forums for Guangzhou >

first registered account. Each forum to post must have registered forum account and general account, don’t let the forum administrator account is found from advertising to promote. The account name is best to use some non mainstream, the reason is don’t let feel this post management number is specifically for the promotion of the webmaster forum will not matter, but the other is not the same. So, the range of influence in the account is not webmaster forum is relatively large, the author had tried in the movie forum to use the web site name or account nickname, verification is prompted your account be closed. This is the account of.

next bangui. Many extension workers will not look at the forum set the rules, it is an extension of the drawbacks. Just into the door and did not ask at home, sure there will be others as a thief. And use the forum to do outside the chain, more to see the forum rules, so you can know very well, the forum for the promotion of information of the degree of patience. Figure

forum to do outside the chain I believe that many owners have used the forum for love because it is free and can effectively increase the site outside the chain, like some high weight forum, by posting a minute to be included, so that we can quickly increase the site chain. But many of the forum will carry out strict management for the promotion of advertising. Many webmaster hard promotion eventually by the title, the chain do so before all the invalid link, also is the chain up and down one of the reasons. Today I share some of the forum to do outside the chain is not the Title Method:

if you start to understand the forum rules, so for the use of the forum to promote the affirmation is to want as soon as possible, but the process will also prohibit some information with the forum, after all, should be attractive, they will naturally use some sensitive words. This is a lot easier to cause you haven’t promoted by title. And for each forum advertising is very strict, the forum generally tolerable advertising in three posted within the unique advertising area on the other said. So, see the forum rules can increase a point of control efforts for their promotion of forum.


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