How to choose the appropriate long tail keywords

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love Shanghai search drop-down box


In fact, the word

the two day to hear a word, feeling very much, "the network is my success". After listening to these words, I feel the genuineness of the website of great impact on people’s lives. Say this is a very good boss interior design. His website is a lot of people are very envious of the popular keyword search industry almost to be at home before three to find his shadow. When do not know, I did not think of how the list amount of interior design industry network is so large.

long tail words flow

long tail keywords selection mainly in the following three ways:

Post BarWhat is

look at this screenshot above, there are various aspects of information, such as search engine, search keywords, recently and so on, the screenshot above is the search and click

second, we also as an example to the villa decoration, we in the search box input "villa decoration", click "love Shanghai" at the bottom of the page there is a "search", as shown below. Is not a few people noticed a line of the bottom. This is the love of Shanghai according to user search words after retrieval, and the list is a strong correlation between the search volume and a lot of words. As part of this we choose the second sources.

nonsense not say, you know, for a new station, do the popular keyword is not a wise choice, long tail keywords is not so intense competition in the word love Shanghai ranking is good, the key is not a small upgrade. Below I will this industry about how to choose the long tail keywords right now……

of these words is related with your search, and search for a large amount of words, love Shanghai in the user search the word search through the list, search a large amount of words is not arranged, from here you can choose what you think of higher conversion words to do the long tail word yourself for example, the villa style villa decoration decoration company, of course, this is an example of this is the one. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also something.

1, in Shanghai love to search for decoration design industry popular keywords – villa decoration, as shown below, there is a column of words love Shanghai in the drop-down box, do not think that this one word is not what use, do not think that these are just out of love in Shanghai.

third? Now many webmaster tools can provide traffic analysis, keyword search, recently and so on various aspects of the information, then the third will take this as the reference.

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