On the site prompted a snapshot of the normal four prerequisites

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High weight chain

website is to rely on the content support, update website information only every day to provide users with more of the consultation, so that the search engine spiders every time to have food to eat, so as to increase the web site is included in the update, so we must keep updating according to quantity, according to their actual to the operation, must be stable, update to average, update more columns and column in content.


fourth, a variety ofAfter working inside the

website snapshot is one of the owners are most concerned about, we all know the benefits of the website snapshot, snapshot update more quickly, that the search engine spiders to your site often, this included in the site will slowly increase, the website weight will be further improved, and the solid foundation for the promotion of a keyword ranking in order to let many webmaster friends, the website snapshot is normal, I combined with their own a little experience that enhance the love Shanghai snapshot should pay attention to those aspects.

website to do so, should be on the next external work is external links, the content of high quality and high weight link bait that is wonderful collocation. The high quality of the chain from the soft start, soft link can not only increase the weight of the website, and the soft was reproduced after the chain can also get a lot of love; love Shanghai, love Shanghai sea know love Shanghai high quality product is also the birthplace of the link, in addition, forum, blog can also increase the chain, and not subject to any restrictions, many grassroots webmaster will go to the place.

second, regular update site information

server is the first step of website snapshot normal, first you have to let the search engine to be able to access your site, if you have a problem with the server, the website cannot be opened normally, when spiders of food to eat cold-shoulder treatment, the spider went home hungry second days might not come to your website. So we in the choice of server must not money, must find a stable server.

search engine spiders love to eat fresh and nutritious food, so we not only need to regularly update the website information, but is also of high quality original articles, so that the search engine spiders will love our website, not only every day to visit our website and also included new content every day. Pure original articles need to spend a lot of time, and not all of the owners have the ability of good writing skills, so webmaster best original. In addition, from some foreign websites to find some articles for reference, or from some personal blog, forum original content mining.

first, stable server

third, the high quality of the original article

to make the site snapshot normal is not difficult, as long as do the site optimization the most basic work on the line, as long as we do things. Please note: 贵族宝贝shanqi114.info>

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