Reduce weight whether it will affect the whole station

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website, is a long and long. Can not say, is a "bitter" tired work. But now the commodity market, the rise of e-commerce, has changed the way people consume. Thus, the electronic commerce website to survive and expand in the situation gradually. And the website optimization, is the main way of the natural flow, keywords ranking. If the enterprise’s economic strength, can be used to take the form of the Internet, a large number of bedding advertising, win some benefits. But according to the actual situation, the enterprise is also doing network promotion, gradually narrowing the advertising investment on the internet. Then, is bound to put some manpower. Network promotion, need to face the problems in the operation of the site. If the weight is reduced, will affect the entire station? This type of problem, and have a close correlation to the website. So, how to solve it? This is the key point, rather than a single problem, there is no corresponding method.

site problem, need analysis of the cause of the factors, in order to take "an antidote against the disease", in a short period of time, to solve the website "pain". This, is the examination site managers comprehensive quality. Here, some related factors are for everyone, can serve as a basis for judging the reference view elements.

more than two elements, is the introduction of simplicity. Why specific website weight reduction, but also on the basis of analysis. Then, take the corresponding methods, to solve the encountered problems to reduce the weight of the site. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝. The so-called: according to local conditions, applied to this phenomenon, but it is really. This article, on the site optimization personnel encountered this problem, have certain help. We welcome the attention of simple blog covers some knowledge of network promotion.

, the two elements of website recently whether the use of optimization techniques have not normal, such as buying a lot of high quality links. This, presumably a lot of optimization personnel have done. Indeed, the site effect is very intuitive, a further boost to the website. But now the Internet market, for such behavior, is to adopt strict punishment. Then, for the purchase of the site, severe punishment;

elements, whether there is a change phenomenon recently. To adjust the site, very normal thing. This adjustment is conducive to the development of the website of the forward. But the change way is reasonable, will have an impact? This is the important point. Perhaps, say, some optimization personnel will have a certain sense of confusion. But indeed, some sites change, will not have what side effect. Instead, the more can be improved. This is the optimization of technology, need to pay attention to. Suggested that the need to adjust the site layout, to gradually formed block to do, will have the effect of reducing

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