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two, the amount of content acquisition

website looks like a woman’s face, sexy and generous return rate will be high, people will remember your face! The same web site, a beautiful template will give people a fresh feeling, is to attract users to continue to browse other pages.

of course content acquisition should pay attention to, must not be a section of a web site of the contents of all the collection, otherwise the search engine will probably think you’re cheating. The correct approach is to find other related websites in the search section of the engine, at least 5, some amount of content acquisition of each site, and then select the random release (many collector support random release). The advantage of this is a website content together, content is not too similar, so there will be a better ranking. The last point is to the amount of pseudo original, attention is appropriate, otherwise it will affect the user experience, those who disrupt the order, random selection of a title, it is these things get, although search engines quickly, but the user experience is very good

. The best use of the drop-down menu two columns, or navigation there can get bigger, make all columns show! This can let users as fast as he wanted to go to the column, find information about

, a selection process, select the decent template

end footer. Many websites are written on the tail of your own domain name, anchor file main keywords, so all the pages are the main keywords to a vote, it will be up to optimize.

!The head of the navigation to do ! !

two maps, one is all the columns of the map, go directly to the column address; another is a whole column map directly to the columns of the RSS or XML file. Finally there is a total of RSS files, to send an article on automatic updates. Three.


no matter what website is the beginning of a shell, no content. So a website, especially new sites, to make it look like a lot of content, very full appearance, such promotion will be more simple and easy

on the Internet just to do two months, started a little achievement! Below I introduce my site in the first month of doing things

I think the main chain can do three

!Three, the construction of the chain of

I think what procedures are the same, as long as their feel easy to use, you can. Many people say that some people say phpcms dedecms is simple, easy to use, in fact, these are subjective factors, some First impressions are strongest. I chose to do dedecms station program, because it is the official forum there are many templates can be modified! Though, but I still spend 200 yuan to buy a personal feel more handsome template

The !

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