Some thoughts on the recommendation of the chain operation

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in February 19th this year released April 25th chain judge Scindapsus, introduced what is the search engine next? The author is estimated to be not the spark plan to further improve, or continue to fight outside the chain. According to Shanghai dragon standard, it is not hard to find, the search engine has been carried out for the chain. No exaggeration to say that if there is no chain search engine, there would be no need to introduce Shanghai Longfeng standard, but the chain is always used as a keyword search engine to determine the visibility of the site factors, therefore, to give up the chain as a ranking algorithm, this is obviously not possible. Therefore, the best approach is to regulate the Shanghai dragon chain, improve search quality.

said that, the chain is actually Sina micro-blog can build high quality. Do not know if you have not found, although the search engine is not included Sina’s micro-blog, but the micro-blog site: included the basic authentication and found that micro-blog, micro micro group, these topics are included, so you can go through the micro group construction of the chain. The 贵族宝贝 may wish to take a look at this website, this website here to improve in a part of the chain is the chain of sina micro-blog, but we need to pay attention to is should pay attention to the chain correlation (as mentioned above.


so, then basically you can see the future of Shanghai dragon field is kind of a situation, want to rely on a large number of blind construction outside the chain to get rankings, now or in the future is not desirable. So the chain how to do

, micro-blog

?In April 25th

released outside the chain of judgment standard, the document is divided into four parts, three of which are cheating on the chain and the chain of garbage, only one of which is clear that the operation method of the quality of the chain – (true recommend chain). The original document to explain: "love Shanghai only a judge principle of chain is the chain of the problem: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations." The pit pour it, this sentence is very general, so in this paper, according to the criteria recommended by the truth, to share with you the recommended chain type operation method.

as a highly interactive platform, therefore, many users will share all kinds of information here, including the share of the chain. Therefore, micro-blog chain is very consistent with the real recommended chain standard. You may think that the construction of the chain is micro-blog fudge ingredients, but micro-blog chain construction is feasible. In the majority opinion, micro-blog is Sina, and Sina search engine had blocked, unable to build the chain. This is a misunderstanding, for micro-blog, the popular micro-blog Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, and etc., these micro-blog search engines are very fast, especially with the new micro-blog, micro-blog registered basically reached the second effect.

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