What makes entrepreneurs become so unscrupulous fraud

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has such a story, said a person to a strange place to sell shoes, but he found the local people do not wear shoes. So, he sprinkled some nails, so the only way which must be passed in people’s out of his shoes, sold in the local. Similarly, a department of Putian hospital news has similar reports, venereal hospital business, they paid your free condoms to nearby people, and then find the lady to titillate those bachelors, then the hospital business begin to. These examples tell us that to do business, we must first create a suitable business environment. Therefore, the house on behalf of the wash through the cut wire to get a large number of users make their performance flourishing, and get their wish to get the financing of beautiful operating data.


to achieve the purpose of nothing, this is understandable, but for entrepreneurs, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, more "use unscrupulous divisive tactics" is fake and false entire business circles. In this big VAT, financing data fraud is only a light, more is the operation data of fraud. Insiders believe that there are now 80% entrepreneurs are lying in the venture, venture capital financing fraud has become an open secret. Even, true grid fund founder Xu Xiaoping has described it as "a new understanding in the industry".

in this entrepreneurial behavior is some connivance, single brush, water data, exaggerated false financing amount, "satellite" has become the unspoken rule of public venture capital circles, even investment institutions will carry out a certain package to the founder, they also hope that the investment project will be able to become a star, after all, this is related to its vital interests. We still remember the "super curriculum" Xu Jiawen, once in the CCTV "Youth" program and China said Qihoo 360 founder Zhou Hongyi audibles, at that time I was very puzzled, who gave the graduation after so much courage, let it have so much confidence and a successful entrepreneur has


and when you see behind the business circles has a virtual shape later, also understand the mystery. In the default case, venture capital institutions and the media gave Xu Jiawen a positioning and packaging, his body embodies the grassroots, 90, entrepreneurs, capricious, just want to dare, out of the ordinary and many other words, this is a "double" era of the typical, the entrepreneurial success of project are not important. It is important at the right time, he stood out as an entrepreneur, is likely to become the Reds, so whether the investment institutions or the media are willing to report, but Yu Jiawen also is a public appearance as a field show up.

2014 Yu Jiawen publicly promised in the program next year to come up with one hundred million yuan to employees dividends, but in November, there is the media exposure of the Super Table of the highest monthly operating income of only 5.5k. And this thing also fully reflects the venture capital circle several facts: first, all kinds of fraud and water injection, two is the media amplification, the three is shaping the times. In the "national entrepreneurship, innovation".

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